Today's wedding's are bigger productions than ever before; complete sensory experiences that transport the attendee's into magical, exciting environments filled with extravagant floral arrangements, beautiful decor and custom cakes once reserved for the stars! Some weddings today even include scent infusions that fill the air the reception hall with exotic, comforting and delicious scents. Every moment of a wedding is planned to stimulate the senses. 

With the enormous time and budget spent on the look, smell, taste and feel of your big day, shouldn't your entertainment's lighting and sound be just as stimulating? Funk Evolution Entertainment is the only band in the Capital Region of NY that is owned by a professional lighting and sound production company; Evolution Entertainment.

Evolution Entertainment provides extremely high-end sound reinforcement and lighting

for every Funk Evolution event. Simple to extravagant; Evolution Entertainment has provided professional lighting and sound reinforcment services to Broadway productions including Tony & Tina's Wedding; the Circue Du Soleil production 'Cirque Eloize'; and numerous internation music artists including Chris Daughtry, Britt Nicole, Aaron Carter and Caanan Smith. We use the same equipment trusted by these World Reknowned performers at your wedding!

We feel strongly that people hear with their eyes just the same as they taste with their nose! Funk Evolution production is essential to your experience on your wedding day to ensure we look as good as we sound!

Hire Funk Evolution For Your Next Big Event -- CLICK HERE or call 518-878-6150
© 2015 BY Funk Evolution Entertainment
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