Funk Evolution is proud to be the first-call entertainment

for many of the most prestigious venues and events

in new york's capital region year after year.

from our annual residencies at the area's top-rated venues to our

extensive calendar of wedding and corporate events,

we work hard to bring the area's top entertainment to the stage every

week of the year.


here, we share some of our favorite moments from the past 8 years!

Live FE Video Below!!!

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The FE Experience

Funk Evolution Wedding Band
Funk Evolution Wedding
Funk Evolution Wedding
Wedding Band Crooked Lakehouse
The Sagamore Wedding
Albany Conference Center
Saratoga Party Band
Saratoga Vapor Nightclub Casino Band
Saratoga Casino Vapor Nightclub Band
Saratoga Springs NY Party Band
Saratoga Springs NY Party Band
Saratoga Springs NY Party Band
Saratoga Springs NY Party Band
Albany NY's Hottest Party Band
Albany NY Top Party Band
Albany NY Top Party Band
Albany NY Top Party Band
Albany NY's #1 Band
Albany NY Event Band
Adam 3
Hunter Mountain Grand Marnier Party.jpg
Galbo Wedding_edited.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 16_edited.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 2.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 3.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 4.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 12.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 13.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 15.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 16.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 18.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 19.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 20.png
Funk Evolution Club 21.png
Funk Evolution Club 28.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 29.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 30.png
Funk Evolution Club 31.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 32.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 33.jpg
Funk Evolution Club 35.png
Funk Evolution Club 37.png
Funk evolution Club 41.jpg
funk evolution club 43.jpg
funk evolution club 44.jpg
funk evolution club 45.jpg
funk evolution club 46.jpg
funk evolution club 47.jpg
funk evolution club 48.jpg
funk evolution club 49.jpg
funk evolution club 50.jpg
funk evolution club 51.jpg
funk evolution club 54.jpg
funk evolution club 55.jpg
funk evolution club 64.jpg
funk evolution club 65.jpg
funk evolution club 71.jpg
funk evolution club 72.jpg
funk evolution club 73.jpg
funk evolution club 74.jpg
funk evolution club 75.jpg
funk evolution club 77.jpg
funk evolution club 78.jpg
funk evolution club 79.jpg
funk evolution club 80.jpg
funk evolution club 81.jpg
funk evolution club 82.jpg
funk evolution club 83.jpg
funk evolution club 86.jpg
funk evolution club 87.jpg
funk evolution club 88.jpg
funk evolution club 89.jpg
funk evolution club 90.jpg
funk evolution club 91.jpg
funk evolution club 92.jpg
funk evolution club 93.jpg
Schdy summer night 2.jpg
Freedom Park2.jpg
Summer Night 1.jpg
Schdy summer night.jpg
Summer Night 1.jpg
rocco promo pic 5.jpg
Rocco bio2.jpg
Jay Promo 1_edited.jpg
Rocco promo pic 2.png
Justin Promo Pic 1.jpg
justin promo pic 6.jpg
Justin Promo Pic 3.jpg
Josh 3_edited.jpg
josh 5_edited.jpg
Jay Promo 3_edited.jpg
Jay Promo 2_edited.jpg
Chris Mattice promo pic 4.jpg
Rocco Promo Pic 1.jpg
Funk Evolution believes strongly in providing 'demo' videos/audio that provide our customers with an honest perspective as to the dynamic energy, style and production we offer in a live entertainment environment.  'Produced' video's are wonderful but they do not capture the true essence of what you would experience at a Funk Evolution wedding.  Below, we are proud to share a group of our favorite candid moments from recent Funk Evolution Weddings and Special Events.  Enjoy!
**Please pause the audio player in the menu to the left to experience FE Live!**

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