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It's Time To Plan Your Big Day!

The two questionnaire's provided below will provide Funk Evolution with all of the unique details of your perfect Wedding Day! Please download the files, fill them out and email them to us 14 days prior to your wedding. We are always here to help with any questions that arise!

Please email Questions and completed forms to:

The Bridal Questionnaire below serves to fill us in on all of the fun and unique plans you've made for your big day, the order of formalities and other essential details needed for us to prepare for your event. 

When filling out the Song Selection Guide below, we recommend indicating 30-40 songs you'd like played, 20-25 you prefer not to hear and leaving the remainder blank. The 'blank' selections will be utilized to create flow between the songs you'd like to hear performed You will see that some songs are in bold font, these tend to be the highest energy crowd-pleasers and are highly recommened. Please place an X in the appropriate column for each selection.

Dynamic Uplighting and Custom Monogram

Funk Evolution can supply high-power, 100% wireless LED Uplighting & Custom Monogram Projections.  Uplighting is an incredibly cost-effective way to add dramatic energy to your Reception space; Typically, a static color (of your choice) is projected thru dinner hour and the entire room becomes part of the 'light show' during party time!   
Please inquire if you'd like to add these options for a nominal cost.  

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